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The JuiceBox is here!

NEWS 12.05.2005 "The JuiceBox Power Supply! Rarely have I seen something so cool. Please check them out if you are looking for a Top Notch Supply!" Robert Keeley / Keeley Electronics.

Since we could find no other power supply to do what this one does and interest continues to grow among the pros to integrate the JuiceBox into their rigs, we contacted Tom Knesel of Pedalboard.com to work out a way for this product to become once again available. Not only does the JuiceBox provide a convenient way to power all of your typical effects pedals, it has power to spare. This means cleaner power to your gear and in our test, the most important part, a noted improvement in tone.

It's gone beyond what amp or guitar are used in the search for the perfect sound. Now the pursuit of the right tone can include the proper selection of effect(s), the order in which they are connected, pickup selection, string gauge and even what type of cable or or how things are powered. Who would have ever thought the pursuit of sonic perfection could become such as endeavor? For those with ears to tell, the results are undeniable and unquestionably worth the effort.

The JuiceBox is a multivoltage power supply designed to provide the musician with a variety of output choices and power to spare. There are 5 isolated outputs with eight 9 volt DC outputs and two DC outputs with variable voltage settings. Two of the outputs also incorporate the patented V-Bat battery SAG simulator circuits. Then to finish it out, the JuiceBox provides a 12 volt AC output that is capable of even powering a POD XT. Input voltages are selectable at either 110 or 220 VAC.


Model # JBX-003 Specifications:
• 5 isolated outputs / 4 DC and 1 AC

• Iso 1: 9 volt DC* (outputs 1, 2, 3) / V-Bat 4.3 to 9.3 volt DC* (output 4) @ 500ma w/tip (-) jack

• Iso 2: 9 volt DC* (outputs 1, 2, 3) / V-Bat 4.3 to 9.3 volt DC* (output 4) @ 500ma w/tip (-) jack

• Iso 3: Adjustable 4.6 to 18 volt DC* x 1 output @ 250ma w/tip (-) jack

• Iso 4: Adjustable 6.5 to 24 volt DC* x 1 output @ 250ma w/tip (-) jack

• Iso 5: 12 volt AC* x 1 @ 1500ma (powers Line 6 POD XT, H&K, Digitech, etc....)

• 120 volt AC courtesy outlet x 1

• AC power in: 3 Prong IEC jack (International)

• Detachable 6' IEC Power Cord

• 120v / 240v input voltage selection via recessed switch

* Voltages are nominal

Size: 5 5/8"(w) x 6 1/2"(d) x 1 3/4" (h) - fits 1/3rd single rack space
Weight: 2 lb. 6 oz.
• The JuiceBox ships with 10 low voltage power cables. (6) CBL-001, (1) CBL-002, (1) CBL-003, (1) CBL-004, (1) CBL-005. See the Power Cables page for more details.
• Alternate power cable packages based on your choice of any 10 cables available at time of order for no extra charge. (except "y" cable / CBL-006)
• Output connections can be daisy chained or "y"-d to power additional pedals. Use CBL-006 for "Y" configuration.


Cost: $299.00 Click here to order - Now shipping!

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