Some of the people using our gear:

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Jeff Ament - Pearl Jam (JuiceBox, SwitchBox)
Hiram Bullock (Custom Pedalboard, JuiceBox)
Tyler Burkham - Audio Adrenaline
Gary Burnett - Studio Musician (JuiceBox, Switchbox)
AJ Dunning - The Verve Pipe (Custom Pedalboard, Custom Switching system, Juicebox)
Stone Gossard - Pearl Jam (JuiceBox, SwitchBox)
Michael Hodge - Studio Musician (Modular Pedalboard, JuiceBox, Switchbox)
Robert Keeley - Robert Keeley Electronics - Great Pedals and Mods (JuiceBox)
Sonny Lallerstedt - Studio Musician & Worship Leader (Modular Pedalboard, Juicebox, V-Bat)
Mike McCready - Pearl Jam (JuiceBox)
Gerard Melancon - Melancon Guitars (Modular Pedalboard, Juicebox)
Justin Meldal Johnson - Beck (Custom Pedalboard, Juicebox, SwitchBox)
Brendan O'brien - Record Producer (Custom Pedalboard, JuiceBox, SwitchBox)
Tim Pierce - Session Guitarist Extraordinaire (SwitchBox)
Joe Perry - Aerosmith (Modular Pedalboard, Juicebox, SwitchBox)
Todd Shay - Sonicflood (JuiceBox, SwitchBox)
Frank Simes - Don Henley (Custom Pedalboard, JuiceBox)
Nick Sterling - Nick Sterling (JuiceBox)
Peter Stroud - Sheryl Crow / Don Henley (Custom Pedalboard, Juicebox, SwitchBox)
Chad Taylor - LIVE! (Custom Pedalboard, JuiceBox, SwitchBox)
Brad Whitford - Aerosmith (Modular Pedalboard, Juicebox, SwitchBox)
Randy Williams- Jeremy Camp / former Big Tent Revival (Modular Pedalboard, JuiceBox, Custom Quad Switchbox prototype)
Lyle Workman - Beck, Sting, Session Musician, Composer (JuiceBox, SwitchBox)

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